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Updates: Essence "Battle Chronicle" (338)

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29 November
Accumulate updates:

  • Added new Dyes system
  • Fixed Change Class - keep common skills and "Glorious Warrior's Ability"(45361)
  • Removed Dye NPCs and sell in Gloccery NPCs
  • RC - removed Coupon to Dyes
  • Fixed skills "Counter Critical"(1542), "Intoxicating Dance"(45395), "Rogue Agility"(47367)
  • Removed minions in Solo RBs
  • Patch: updated lists: Special Craft, LCoin Shop
  • Patch: expanded limit for Magic Lamps to x2
  • Patch: Missions: added Premium Growth Kit
  • Patch: Teleports: added TOI tp 76+

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