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  • X5 Essence "Battle Chronicle" - 3 Dec 2021!

    Detailed information

    Server Rates:

    • Item_71101.jpg Exp/Sp - x5
    • etc_adena_i00.jpg Adena - x3

    Start Bonus - etc_pi_gift_box_i04.jpg Free Welcome Kit

    • etc_stone_gray_i00.jpg Spirit Ore - 2000
    • etc_exchange_ticket_i03.jpg Soulshot Ticket - 200
    • bm_romantic_chaperon_gold.jpg Refined Romantic Chapeau
    • accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00.jpg Valakas' Necklace
    • bm_weapon_ticket_c.jpg C-grade Weapon Coupon
    • br_valentine_cookie_i00.jpg Sayha's Cookie - 200
    • scrl_of_ladies_silver_knife_01.jpg Scroll: Boost Attack - 50
    • scrl_of_ench_bracelet_lucien_01.jpg Scroll: Boost Defense - 50

    Premium option:

    • ev_charge_box.jpg  Premium Growth Kit free


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    • 7 Dec: First stage  Alpha Support Chest lv.1 - start boost Will be added to retstart 7 Dec 05:30 GMT+02 Required download/update new Patch!  
    • Start time 20:00 GMT+02: 11:00 UTC-7 Pacific Time (US) 12:00 UTC-6 Mountain Time (US) 15:00 UTC-3 (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo - Brazil)  18:00 UTC +0 (London - United Kingdom)  19:00 UTC +1 (Paris - France, Berlin - Germany)  20:00 UTC+2 (Athens- Greece, Kyiv - Ukraine) 21:00 UTC+3 (Moscow - Russia)
    • 29 November Accumulate updates: Added new Dyes system Fixed Change Class - keep common skills and "Glorious Warrior's Ability"(45361) Removed Dye NPCs and sell in Gloccery NPCs RC - removed Coupon to Dyes Fixed skills "Counter Critical"(1542), "Intoxicating Dance"(45395), "Rogue Agility"(47367) Removed minions in Solo RBs Patch: updated lists: Special Craft, LCoin Shop Patch: expanded limit for Magic Lamps to x2 Patch: Missions: added Premium Growth Kit Patch: Teleports: added TOI tp 76+
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