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X50 Interlude Classic - SOON

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картинка-для-форума4 (2).jpg

The Most Anticipated Server To Be Coming. International & Friendly Community. Expected 3000+ Population. Daily Events, Siege Rewards, Constant PvPs, 100% Server Stability and most importantly, Long-term Project. 

Русская версия описания

Server Rates:

  • Exp / Sp - x50
  • Adena - x10
  • Drop rate - x10
  • Spoil rate - x8
  • Quest Rates Exp / Sp - x50
  • Aden quest rates - x10

1st, 2nd & 3rd class change : Adena


Premium Account (PA) Bonuses: 

  • Exp / SP + 50%
  • Adena x1.2
  • Drop rate x1.2
  • Spoil chance x2
  • Quest Adena x1.2
  • Quest Expp / SP x1.2

Server Features :

Interlude. The most anticipated chronicle yet to be coming. 

- 100% working bot protect system and captchas
- Daily Automated TvT Events with massive rewards and PvP
- Farmable Silver Shillen to purchase all the finest goods from Shop. 
- Siege through many clans to claim the thrones of your desired castles, Castle owners comes with donation rewards!
- Clan can have up to 60 players
- PvP Zones at all lv 70+ Raidbosses 
- Full 2 Hours buffs available 
- Active and friendly GMs to provide the best player supports

Topic in work ...

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баффер и магазин будут на сервере? если да то что у магазине нам ожидать, какое количество бафов и продолжительность?

Так же меня интересует какой донат будет на сервере?

Edited by Степан

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On 12/10/2019 at 1:52 PM, Степан said:

будет ли на сервере ба-фер? 

Bro. We are preparing a beta server. I will write everything for sure.
The buffer will be - NPCs, Teleport - NPCs. Donate is low, the concept is like a dream.


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сделайте главной фарм и пвп зоной монастырь безмолвия 

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